Fitbit Tracks Sleep

and the Fuelband said, I took about 20% more than the pedometer can Pedometer.Sie do not fit their diets on the basis of the Fuelband says to burn distance, or is, that the volume of fuel a medical device must calories. This is a pedometer (very expensive) very cool, very smart with fantastic features to record, which looks good on the arm and would help to move our asses on the couch! = Update = 31.05.2012 SERVA this for 3 weeks and made a journey on the other side United States here are the current observations-synchronization with your PC (with charge) and (because it is easier to navigate and find the iPhone application Awards, etc.) the band fuel is decent enough to move my iPhone app. With the iPhone app of your activity levels will combine, you are ready to do a little bit more graphics are not flat and everyone still shows only four red dots on your screen money or, worse and its already did not win in the bright light of day!When a target is complete, the band will promote target your to check status. The animated sequences are random and different, this is not always the same order. IPhone app (and the PC application) continues to show their progress, the monuments of various metrics (best week, Friday, best, best, etc) and then gives scholarships for some levels (a water concession to the 50% above the target, an award from the ice, to reproduce his goal in a day, etc.).Is that correct? N. ° distance/steps out. If the band said that he had done 8 km, it is from May 4, 6 are made. Not you distinguish 100 feet or above me walking 4 flights of stairs. But my heart knows the difference! Is pretty much-after weeks of use value, accordingly, you have a good idea of what is your activity and you change the destination for your Aktivität.Ein another disadvantage of a trip to the West Coast left at home on my laptop and I thought it was just my iPhone sync. Once I played and developed on the iPhone, took the time and changed the time. I thought that the iPhone is too long, but the update does not work with Fuelband sync. The Fuelband will be rejected, with the iPhone sync, because the areas are different and recommend that you synchronize on a PC. There is no other way to change the time on the Fuelband. This is logical, because the Fuelband follows a period of 24 hours and if you change the time zone will lose / gain time and leg. However, it seems also a mistake to wear every day while driving.On the positive side, the Fuelband keeps your data to synchronize 5 days prior to arrival.A half-star for the time zone to spend, but it can not save you 4 per hour = Jan update = update an update to resolve the problem of the time zone. Time can be set from your iPhone/droid using the application. This is the good side. You start pages, your activity/fuel storage for the day. What you have done, at least the game system. I have my Fuelband since early January (three months). I like the idea that I consciously goes on, but here's what I've noticed: the record of Fuelband points of fuel for activities is involved in a slight vibration. Snow thrower her voice or the operation of four hours in Minneapolis (2,000 points). The accelerometer is not much apparently iPhone Bluetooth DiscerningThe the connection interface is clunky and unreliable. Companies establish a connection and time consuming to update. There are a number of trophies and marketing for Nike you start boring propaganda. The week I found myself with two Wednesday. Last week, I a free Flex fit bit by my employer. Only to the two devices to compare the habit of wearing the Fitbit on my other hand and now had the opportunity to compare them for several days. Here is what I've seen. The Fitbit tracks perfectly with my steps (I see good interface, live). It turns out that the Fuelband of Nike constantly less than the Fitbit saves steps about 30%. The Fitbit all calories burned that (sitting + activities), while Nike has only activity. Fitbit tracks of sleep, not Nike. The Fitbit allowed me to swim my time and to save calories. Nike does not work.In short, the Nike Fuelband is a very expensive device with less functionality than the Fitbit. The activity is not exactly matches. Give points where it should not, and underestimate. The interface is clunky and unreliable. A veil is complete marketing device Nike his time on your wrist. Has no ability to follow outside activities and travel on foot. and you can do it right!Nike Fuelband is a huge disappointment. Absolutely meets not my expectations of the Nike brand. I think that lost money. Positives: handy for use in elegant doll, I love the watch, the staircase and the FeaturesNegatives NikeFuel: very little. I've listed my FuelBand for about two months have nine of dislikes in detail Bahdousheh. But many negative, the fact that I love, because it on my wrist, with me at any time (in contrast to my Omron pedometer, I always forget) to find. The Fuelband is a great reminder to get out and move. I like the fact that it is, fuel is one of action and give me time. Now the negative. 1) are bulky and uncomfortable. Has little flexibility and bring like a forest of the wrist strap. (2) the Android app is still not great, despite the promise of Nike, which would come soon (I just talked to support). (3), which in turn stones already with Fitbit Tracks Sleep me and I tech support had to call, to do a hard reset and I lost my data for three days probably the busiest three days because I had hell. (4) 1000 Nikefuel give each a day but sit in the ass all day, if the goals as you on this basis. There have the movements of the arms, so that, if you reception, I work, and move the tone arm NikeFuel gives. (5) it is counted, 100100/hour * Nikefuel when he was sitting on my car seat and off-road driving. There is one other thing that you should be aware. I spoke with tech support Castro and apparently the car movement causes the accelerometer. I wonder about the accuracy. (6) I got my almost around the clock and starts seemed, slapped and scratched, even if it consists of a durable material like a car tire, and I'm not strict with him. (7) I've got the tool for measuring the pulse of Nike wrist measure before you buy it and when it arrived, it had to bring two extensions in decent shape. Probably you not be tight, because you this little doll, which protrude on the wish to travel outside of your wrist, and since the band is stiff, this situation is embarrassing. (8) it is necessary, charge it every day, and it takes a while. (9) is something I've discovered-it did a good job of distinguishing between walk and run (really?). Then I one and went a half mile, ran the same distances, and were not much difference in the fuel has won. CIELOS. Bottom line: I'm not convinced, but 1) is probably not much better on the market today, that suits my needs and 2) I continue for a while, at least until the Android app released it and I can evaluate the application and add a little more comfortable for this Prozess.November 2012: now I had my FuelBand about 7 months and I wanted to add one or two things.Recently my FuelBand of the smaller links in and I had gotten a lot of difficulties, broad band shirts and buckle to back together. I could not attach to capture large in absolute hyperlink. I had the support of the Nike questions and send me a great link. Nike support is very good, in a way. However, the connections are bandwidth and then catches a bad design. It is not, as I think it out all the time (this is the first time since I first set it up). I googled this problem and I see that others have the same problem with the power supply. Nike has capture design. Would you buy this product again? Maybe it's because now there is a better alternative, to wear on the wrist. Would have a fit bit, probably to buy and try it now. The best of Nike Fuelband is the fact that I have is on my wrist and it there with me throughout the day, no matter where you go. It is much better in this sense a pedometer or Fitbit. And FuelBand has an attractive design. You need only a few Probleme.Jetzt, a Word from Nike: the ANDROID APP! He was promising he will appear soon, before I bought my Fuelband 7 months ago. ? In fact, is one of the reasons you buy, because the Android app should come in the summer of 2012. This delay is ridiculous. As a company with the resources of the Nike some good Android not to programmer and I do? ,,.