Xamarin Binary Serialization

One of the advantages of the NMS is the time that is necessary to clean the proportionally low living objects new numbers that were created from the last harvest of minors. This reduces the impact of waste on the performance of an application, because these smaller corrections, less time will claim a large collection of. Big cleanup will occur but less mill again.It is the garbage collector only Xamarin. Android. Xamarin. iOS will can optionally also the garbage collector. This article describes the elements to improve the performance of applications with Novell and memory. It examines common problems, storage platforms, while working in environments of garbage collection, but also platform-specific elements. It includes also the techniques of interpretation, to keep applications in sensitive areas. For example, if you create an instance of dynamically typed, you remain type with the default constructor. If you use XML serialization, you can maintain the type property.More information is available on the Novell documentation. The size of your applications, to reduce Android and Xamarin. Xamarin. iOS includes a binder under Tools. At the time of construction, the linker performs a static analysis of the request to determine which types and members in fact of an application are used. The linker then removed methods and types that are not used for the application.A Xamarin project options are the settings for the linker. iOS or Android. Xamarin. The following screenshot shows where to find these options in Novell study for a project of the iOS Xamarin.: linker provides three different settings to control his behavior. If the code our Generico diamondgirl86 and then the final binary file can hugely be there natively all generic options be compiled must. Try to reduce the size of the managed code. The easiest way to do this is to allow each assembly linker option, for example all assemblies in the project options.Many people think that it not worthy because they know it should run your own code - the linking (then is the linker of able to remove), otherwise this code to write.This is half the truth. Most of the application code remove the linker, but when 3 ° could be used Xamarin Binary Serialization Assembly party is probably not 100%. The linker will eliminate this extra code (and also no code to remove that is managed to support this unnecessary code in the SDK). More code-share flights that left that majority can help you.Less code means faster August, translated faster and smaller, the buildings, the last tracks (including the size of the executable file).Secondly, you try to reduce the size of the original. If you create a native library has a second look, because they are static (not dynamic) for the final binary file (a new rule for iOS apps). Some of them do not fit (feature wise) their weight in his final binary file and lighter alternatives might be. Böhm - is a non-Générationnels by the garbage collector. This is the default setting in garbage Xamarin system used.IOS. When garbage collection is performed, captures the entire stack. ,,.