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Dive into an adrenaline-pumping adventure for free. As agent Rico Rodriguez, your orders are to find and kill, his friend and mentor, disappeared on the island paradise of Panau. There, you have maximum chaos by land, Lake - and the balance of power to change. Kidnap combo, BASE jump, with a single claw and parachute and create their own high speed stunts. With 400 square kilometers of land and hundreds of weapons and vehicles defying just cause 2 heavy and conviction. Just cause 2 is a game of great open-world sandbox GST, which will have a complete history, side quests, many objects in the collection, which will die, before finding all bonus missions. Just cause 2 is solid (Panau). One of the biggest I've seen! It extends over the sea and the mountains, snow-capped mountains and terrain, jungle and swamp, desert, urban areas and military bases. A disadvantage in the world of just cause 2 is that it can be very large, but it is not full of things. In other words, everything in the jungle and desert, 90% of nothing but sand and trees. How to find the world is sometimes very annoying. However, has the rest of the game, which compensates for. There are urban areas to explore in the world of just cause 2. Villages, which can contain resources and ammunition to large cities, which included helicopters and vehicles of higher costs. Places like airports, where you can get a stream of passengers. There are no military bases, which can be released by smash and collect everything inside. These bases could be places of great power, type, ports, factories of vehicles consist of small fields of infantry,. Enter the world of just cause 2 with many things. First of all you can set the hook to reach higher, so you can to slip down the parachute, or travel down faster. It is not only the most basic of your trip, there are a a lot of vehicles. Just cause 2 is there something more than 100 Just Us - More Than Friends Download vehicles. Some ATV, motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, armored vehicles, cars, planes, helicopters, etc., is the list long. One thing that I the Department of vehicles not bothering is the physics of the vehicle. The vehicle is not really as sensitive or reliable. Enter the key of the movement and the vehicle turns, even at low speeds. You can with weapons such as SMG, shotguns, etc. He has verteidigen.in of the fact not many weapons, which by default can be used in the game, if you want to buy the DLC. However, there is still too much content in the game, it is not necessary to the DLC DLC for the bonus weapons and vehicles. I would just cause 2 more weapons was used by default. With the world's largest is more weapons gives you more ways to do things.This is not the game that plays like a game of GST. Perform a base and behind the lid after starting you attack not. AI is stupid, and at the same time well function. There is no infiltration. The concept of just cause 2 is this Moscow lead, all boring and anything other than a massive explosion. In terms of the missions of the story and sidebars. The story is generic and is not really exciting, with the exception of the last mission. There are only six missions, I think, maybe more. However the story missions, you will need the chaos that can be obtained, by important points destroying military bases, to unlock, select the fight against the army, things or quests and finish. Are there many quests can choose from three different factions, which sometimes hurt the military. Quests can be unique and fun, but reports the same Yes below. You can be mission of each House, and the leader of the faction of the submarine is to share with you, what to do and then go. Not a word said. Don't get me wrong, that just cause 2 is a great game, just not what you want. Thank you for taking the time to read my review, I hope that this helped with your decision for or against a purchase to make.Don't forget that this review is based solely on opinion. You think not the same like me on something, but it's OK, because we are all just people. Just cause 2 is probably the best game of all time, undoubtedly opened the world's largest game of all time. There is this game came seems something is missing. Multiplayer. And now, thanks to an impressive group of modders just cause there is multiplayer mod 2 or the largest ever DLC (and it's free: d) 100% recommend this game to anyone, even if you no of the genre fan. Great world city with tons to do some missions are boring, but most are very good. The atmosphere is really great and spend hours Freeking flying around some water towers to pick up, or statues, the pull-down. You can steal a petrol station. Without ammunition will need a bigger better weapon? Contact your local dealer for the sly and leave something for you. I played for 11 hours and it is only the tip of the surface of the upper crust of what there is to offer. One of my want to go if I blow things up.The game may be repeating a bit, but don't want in the helicopter attack and the placement of waste in the world to have fun. Can carry around a mounted machine gun, and all fly for an hour in the city.This game is constantly on sale for $2 and DLC is available in a package. If you are fun you hate, maybe my little pony or there is some more speed. You can this Widget-Maker can integrate to generate some HTML that enable your website to customers, just buy the game through steam. There are several ways to buy the game. Please select a specific package to a widget for to create:. Months of nonsense, frenzied, explosive pleasure. The map is great, beautiful and varied. There are a variety of weapons without DLC. The combination of hook and parachute is the best duo since peanut butter and jam. If you think that this gadget does not. Is that this innovative ways had to move more games. The people who made the game genius of the streets to the mile high Club are. Seriously, I understand. This is a perfect game to the last players from GTA.This corner of the playground is almost the same and the controls are just as smooth, if not Evensmoother.Aber because I like in addition to GTA? Therefore is in this play, mods are loaded, have on the Boden.Sie aircraft, helicopters, tanks, whatever you can imagine! Live life and damage on the big island, the Panau.si prefers to play the campaign Government or freedom. But I'll tell you, it never stops.So, when you have finished the game, it is basically to find many different services for outreach and Collectableitems. In addition, you can see everything fly!Perfect game + has now multiplayer mod, where you can play with your friends! 10/10. I'm RariDash. I would like to apologize for everything that is Miss type problems, or grammar. Gracias.Si directly to the pros and cons, please go to the bottom edge of the side want to skip. Thank you very much. Complete bonus quests in the world of just 2, Hai long missions. These are mainly breeds, for any type of vehicle. Then another that has thousands of characters. Can small pickup, sub, or a few drawers groups resources that stimulate your statistics how can the gun to upgrade your weapons or armor for you more health, etc, to 100% just cause 2 win parts requires that each sub-group blog and resources pick it, also military key in a zone structures to destroy. Each area, which will give you a status bar, where everything destroyed was or picked up, the progress bar reaches 100%, and this area is obvious. But had the just cause 2 PC version a bug where certain elements and structures, not to play in the game. It is therefore impossible to beat the Games 100% without a mod. Apparently take care of the developers is not to solve this problem easily solve the problem. I've seen many different impressions, the unjust for this game. The first and by a simple majority, the fact that someone who has caused not only by the original game. Then, it leads to an automatic thought that sequel will be as bad or worse. I understand, but believe me, just cause 2 makes everything better. On the other hand, I felt that the game because of its history of weak and less player-guests can be. I know that some games in the history of search. However, not all are. Can a game like just cause 2, where the story is not bad, but the game play is very good. Thirdly, because it's a shooter, third-person game. We can not deny some people. This game is crazy ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ing. history of mechanics, ridiculously, total action in a kitschy characterizations, this game is ridiculously good 100%. Best if you right into the action of explosives and vehicles left right and Center certainly broken out are is no lack or vehicles, weapons, explosives and with the enemy tanks. A 747 like surfing? You can use. Want to fly as high as possible and then, for only 5 or 6 minutes skydiving. ? You can use. She would like helicopter air diversion and use to destroy an oil refinery of the emotion. You can use. In this case, as one of the most entertaining games of the sand so far. Unfortunately, the world is superficial, and for all places and collectibles, the width of the gameplay is very limited. It is not a living, breathing world as GTA worlds easy (that the wonderful and very varied looks in relation to climate and positions) is inhabited by people with no personality and is only available for target, fly through the air or otherwise mutilated. The missions are convincing to a certain extent, although there is a certain amount of repetitions in faction missions, which will give you a great fun grateful, if the action was. However forced not anywhere on XBOX or PC found me 100% of the game, because it has hours of testing a small tangible reward. It feels, if at the end of the game, is handmade and there not so much motivate you to play over the success of the mission. The story is not very convincing and coherent, but it is wrong to towards the * almost * turn well to go with it a credit, the writers should be (a battle that takes place in sticking to a ballistic missile in flight) alone, but the dialogue itself is very bland and boring and not the Zeichen.Kurz said the sense of humor that ever reached, the SD2 is huge and incredibly beautiful and the action is omnipresent and very funny, so it a major step forward on its predecessor and makes it play by others in the open world of his time apart. It lacks the personality of the GTA world and a sense of humor, which was also, Saints Row nail that makes him feel relatively empty in the middle. However, if you are looking for fun, the game at a good price and it looks great and there are many things that you can do and see in this game, that cannot be found elsewhere. For the price, I highly recommend that. ,,.