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In fact, I think that there is a problem, it can be very important. Why is only the iPhone users on many types of notebook endanger button-Pocket PC - computer teacher gadgets push Oldstyle. If from the point of view of usability, it is necessary to consider other factors than usual. This depends of course on what kind of application you want to develop. Very useful for some life-saving devices or a fun game. Good question, Jonathan. I think I will on this basis to write a post. I'm sure that you avoid a developed. I thought since there are certain techniques and programs that actually can easy Web development languages and wrap it in this environment of X-code (in some ways). The program is called Phonegap. But I think that working with the developers of Pro you will give more freedom of the creative spirit. I spend so much like an iPhone could dev app costs. Probably depends on the complexity and functionality, but it looks like a great investment of $150 thank you for this post Pat. It was the first time to read your blog and it is really great. Please, Pat is in one of your podcasts for iPhone apps that you had can send mentioned, an outsourcing company is also used to develop applications that find business information for me, that I have several ideas for the work and need a good developer. Thank you very much!. Pat, how about's with the means of the ComunicaciĆ³n it the success rate to make money with iPhone apps? I that it read much, hangs 1/5, 1-3. white like the market, but their experience would be an average of hypothesis?Jeff. ), I've worked hard to create new applications for the iPhone. We have 4 available in iTunes, the total reported $6798,64 in the first quarter of the year. We are super happy to have 8 more programmed applications should be started in less than a month.Last week 3 of our new applications were by our developers and are ready to Apple for approval are sent. Multiple applications = more potential sources of passive Einkommens.Sweet!Since most of you (and I don't want to!) I was email to me and ask me for more information about creating applications for the iPhone, I write about my experience to do this, a personal blog as follows.If you enter in the field application of the iPhone (or iPad) want to, here are 5 things you should know before:. It is not only because it is new. The iPad is a cross between a phone and a laptop than anything else. Applications for iPhone-iPad apps can do more, and therefore requires more work. More work means that the developers should pay more for their product. Perhaps share the whole process and try to outsource some parts and make a little on your own to save a lot of money. As well as always, already have some ideas and it'll definitely a chance to develop iPhone applications. Thank you very much for all kinds of information shared here. Hi Pat, thank you for sharing as always. I love the fact, is a completely different form of income through other ways, your eBook and affiliate - it is a very diverse portfolio (if thats the right word) so I hope that you unexpectedly dry protected if. provide developers with an interface? Or outsource design also? Applications elsewhere, or simply by chance that iPhone users can promote the applications are used in the store? IPhone app development seems a great passive revenue stream. Tips and resources. I just see that! Thank you very much!. Pat, it would be a great opportunity for someone who have earned your learning experience for the development of many applications for the iPhone, with success, until today. I guess the aircraft here, it appears that they have; favors at the time of market risks the requirements, which iOS, is development of the users of the Anwendung.Ja, application for all development applications by outsourcing companies claim an idea far be materialized. Our application is created as us. One thing can put an issue much effort be marketing, but the quality of the approximation is missing forever. Usually have to meet a lot of recommendations Iphone Dev Secrets.com and downloads! Fantastic information. Eager to learn more about the development of applications for the iPhone here, because there is something that I see, but enter n't to much information available. Thank you for this excellent article! I wanted to know enough to create an application for the iPhone, but I have n't, to do so. After reading this article, I realized that I mean app iPhone can build using the online application developers. After further research, I have found the most appropriate service for me. Hi Michael, I, many talented (and affordable) iPhone Dev know shops with different specialities and other skills. Send me more details of the project and establish a connection with a reasonable (according to taste).Brett Miller. Hehe, that's always fun, if a viral post, although visitors n't stay. Thanks again, Pat. As said by creating my first app for the iPhone and in the e-mail, I write a post I am connecting it is prominent. Everything depends on the product and marketing. I've heard that the testimonies of Android, but I have more than often not everything evil heard how an application for Android has been compared with its iPhone counterpart. The Motorola droid is a tobacco very well, but that could change. The only thing that I have learned, my first question is to develop, never to leave comments you leave. No application is iPhone level and in general people, who hate the application (believe me, is a big part of it is just a fact of life) are much more likely to something very shocking that people who like to use the application.Read negative comments in a constructive way on and try to learn (although you need to read between the lines/vitriol). The possibility, a Deveolper partner, colleague or friend, as an intermediary between the comments, to take into account comments.In short, if it so greatly improved the application, you will sell more! As only like to know iPhone developers on the search for Android, would tariffs such as your iPhone Android application. I think if you are developing applications for the iPhone, it's always good to VoiceOver treat. This ensures that people, the assistive technology use would be outstanding advantage of application is for sale. Create your own my first app for the iPhone make Pat inspired. This application was more than a test to see how the process works. After 2 weeks it has been approved and is now available in the app store. I have a blog beer locally in Austin, Texas and moved across the various stream our content for CA not set to someone, but I have many ideas, I began a sales generate in the future role of the application. Definitely in the iPhone app game. I wonder, if I a partner or do not need. Do you have a partner who works with Pat? Hi, I am trying you find out more about enterprise applications, there are large companies that their business in iPhone apps, how to do it? As our local hospitals access to view results timeout and / R, I would like for my company for commercial purposes. I know, I not sure, they differ from those who passed by the PA storage, but that am the process, thank you! the page, because it is probably the greatest leader for the outsourcing of their iPhone application, which you can find anywhere. I thought that I had to leave a comment for your sales page beautiful and also your new eBook published.(Disclaimer: who wanted to write numbers about free apps! or above and on my resources page a TEC affiliate link for your product is your eBooks, but the left.). I'm very happy with our revenue from our iPhone far. I mean, many people seek from time to time to do it, so we are very happy and feel to have found me very happy, so successful, that US-although obviously not crazy amounts of money, however. Let's look at Bene! Age to work at home! Thank you very much for this Pat! Thank you, I created my first iPhone app, which was released a week ago. (I have a redemption through the code of the contact form). Thank you for all the information you have with the business of the application. I know that many people do not want to believe, but we don iPhone developers as another reason us is churn and butter t, because many, if not more, none of the applications in the app store money. Much feels talked about successful applications around, because they are good to listen to stories. But nobody writes investing stories of thousands of applications with n't made in time and money in it. I have an application for the iPhone, but I don't know how n. It is a phrase that I've heard too many times, and I am here to say straight to the top: n't need to know how to program.N't all iPhone apps, I am assigning others developed. These are the people the programming to understand, which can create better and faster applications that can. I offer only Ideen.Es are thousands of companies and individuals to live application programming for other people. It is always a little weird for me, because if I were you, I would like to do instead apps. However - and I know many people that this opportunity nutzen.Z. B. Jackie, an SPI on CD 1. There is a difference between the design and the application and your application new compile. The project includes the presentation and interaction. Often, developers take their assessments of design and design real iPhone generation. It is effective communication work of the developer much easier if you exactly what you want in an application and know. Another time I'm design for the developer. In this case the developer is to the customer are returned, select design to customer suggestions or change. There are some resources like applications iPhone or iPad on its own. You need no experience in programming, simply press the provided source code reviews and leads.On the next page a chance to show how. It is not a problem of Jackie! The same developer has a version of android app for you, or you have to go to another person? I felt that the language was quite different, so that you end up paying the same go iPhone app for another now on the market for the iPhone, but I'm sure, it's about to explode the android market. We'll see I guess! I remember when I got my brilliant iPhone came meant that they were all applications. Download of all time. But now I realized that it so much, they tend to search less, because it is hard to find what I want chaos in the apps. What do you do? They are heavier from the crowd stand out? David - diversity is the key, and I think that iPhone apps is a great channel to work. I hope that none of my current income sources, dry, but to do. Your questions in order to respond, sometimes give them a user interface if I want to find an app in a very specific way (and also custody usually) and sometimes I leave it you to create the user interface for me. You need advice at all however.Finally, we don't encourage iPhone app review sites, which was very hit or miss. Earn enough money of my applications to live outside?Yet, but I'm gradually. And who knows, maybe one of the new applications that we do shots at the top of the charts and very good. I'm sure that you will feel if this does not happen!But it was a very rewarding experience and seriously fun. You have specific questions about applications for the iPhone, that perhaps I later still can answer that for you in the comment box or in a blog, please do not hesitate to questions. I will my best to respond. Bravo!. The number and variety of applications on the iPhone, Android, in the shadows, always leaves, up to 3 years after the publication of this article. It is probably because Apple device maintain its resale value as sites. Do you think that iPhone, but already has developed.? Or there are many out there. You need to develop and compete or trying to find an application that never has been? Pat great post! I'm trying still to find out my real passion, but continue to dream the world applications. It is time to make the leap! To application of marketing in question. You have some mention of IPhone app sites check, but you did any kind of marketing, with the application, how to use a product of the affiliate? Namely: Article, video, etc, Hi, u please help me.Start simple working apps.So please, can you tell me how we send our iTunes app, iPhone etc. any kind of fees to pay the Genehmigung.Und or is free of charge. Please let me Informthank you. Hey, I'm Pat, the application creation definitely a newbie in this case. but I have a great idea for an iPhone app, I was desperately trying to create. Unfortunately, we know nothing about the process, or even the courage to go. I left on Elance looked and found some manufacturer of APP that I can look at. We especially recommend one? Or do you have tips or suggestions for me? Allow users of iPhone moments and simple access and search for important information about safe places, thus a useful guide for safety and survival. Good advice, I think there are many people (myself included) has said it would be an application for the iPhone, but I don't know how. It is undeniably the popularity of iPhone apps, create Beiong is a valuable feature. As usual with your posts, my brain juice a shake. I plan some ideas, application for the iPhone pick up that jump on his head and see what comes. Multiple sources of income, the better. Thanks for the great post, Pat. See you around!Wesley Craig green. ,,.