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He returned to the Lakers in 1996, the stars of the Magic Johnson had accumulated a record of 55-0, Johnson won as much as $365,000 per game. You pay $2 billion for the Dodgers, the largest amount paid by a team of professionals. While Magic Johnson is the leader of the group. Called Buss after father and the others [his] best friends, Johnson spent five hours of BUSS visit in the hospital a few months before his death from cancer. Talk to the media, few hours after the death of Buss, emotional, Johnson was frustrated to say without Dr. Jerry Buss, it was not magic, a reduction in its duration after the arrival of Magic Johnson, the team for a few days. He has lost two games and stripped of his title as captain of the team. and Johnson has twenty years of this event ends in 2005. Magic summer night ended under the auspices of the. Johnson played on the team in the next few years, perhaps the most memorable appearance game in November 2001 magic at the age of 42, played the all-stars against them with. Magic Johnson had a very close relationship with the owner of the Lakers, Jerry Buss, who is a mentor and a Magic Article Rewriter Full Version father figure. with the idea that it could be opened in urban coffee shops. To show the enormous buying power of minorities, Schultz managed Johnson buy 125 Starbucks stores, reported the greater than the average per capita income. Johnson's father had three children from a previous marriage. The magic is the fourth of seven children of Mr. Puesto Damir and Christine. This module uses a regulated rewriting engine (based on a regular expression parser) to rewrite URLs dynamically requested. It supports an unlimited number of rules and an unlimited number of attached rule for each rule conditions provide a mechanism to deal with very flexible and powerful URL. URL manipulations can depend on various tests, server variables, environment variables, HTTP headers, or timestamp. Database external search in different formats can be used to obtain high granularity corresponding URL. This module refers to message URLS (including the path), both in the context of the server (httpd. conf) and in the context of directory (htaccess) and parts that can generate queries in the result string. Revised the result leads to secondary treatment internal, external or internal performance of proxy redirection. For more information, discussions and examples are available in the. RewriteRule directive is the real workhorse of rewriting. Writing policy to occur one time, with each instance defining a single rule. The important thing is the order in which these rules are defined - is the order in which they are applied in the period. If the engine to rewrite the file htaccess prefix pro directory (which is always the same for a Specificdirectory) is automatically removed for the party between RewriteRule Ibrahim pattern are automatically completed by all parents (not Bob or called Protocol), applies to the end of a set of rules. See the. RewriteRule directives to override a relative path. The aim of this directive is necessary if you use a relative path to a change in the context of directory (.htaccess file), unless one of the following conditions are met:. Explanation: If a browser used as Mozilla (including Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, etc.), the maximum get presentation (images or other special features could be included). If the Lynx browser (focuses on the Terminal), gets the min presentation (which could be a version for easy navigation, only text). If none of these conditions apply (use a different browser or standard does not identify as something your browser), you will receive the presentation of std (standard). Watching the address rewrite external program: PRG, MapSource: Unix file system a valid regular file here the source is a program, not an assignment file. To create it, you can use the language of their choice, but the result should be an executable (object code or script with the magic cookie trick #! / path/from/performer in the first row). This program is started once, when you start the Apache Server and communicates with the engine rewrite via file handles to stdin and stdout. For each search feature map, the search key get finished as a string on stdin newline. The value of this as a chain need to be finished a newline to stdout character or string to restore four-digit zero in case of an error (Ah there is no corresponding value for the given key). A trivial program, an instrument of the 1: 1 (i.e. key value ==) can: rewrite of external programs can not be executed if defined in a context that does not. Subsequent RewriteRule references: are backreferences of the form $N (N = 0